See George Clooney In Peak Lovable Scamp Mode in Out of Sight

Lovable scamp George Clooney was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at last night's Golden Globes for his prank-laden acting career. Clooney is perhaps the first person to receive a lifetime achievement award for portraying a lovable scamp in dozens of variations, but the man does know how to smirk ruefully. Some of his best work in this character genre is in 1998's Out of Sight.


Written by Elmore Leonard and directed by Steven Soderberg, Out of Sight is the rare crime caper that can accurately be described as rollicking, and Clooney has never been better than he is squaring off against pre-Bennifer Jennifer Lopez.

Lopez plays a Federal Marshall who is also a sexy lady. Clooney plays a charming bank robber. Sexual and legal tension ensues. The premise sounds like a log line written by a failing screenwriting student who forgot to do his homework until the last minute, but the crackling script and the chemistry between J. Lo and Clooney make this worth seeking out.

You can rent Out of Sight for $3 from iTunes or Google Play.



This is a fun movie, and coincidentally features another winner from last night's Globes. Michael Keaton reprises the role of Ray Nicollete in this, which he played first in the criminally underrated Tarantino flick, Jackie Brown.

The two make for a fun double feature.