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Seeing a leather belt get hand made is so satisfying

A belt is so simple, it's just fabric that ties together to hold up your pants. But in this video, you see how considered the process of making a leather belt is. Each feature of the belt, whether it be the holes or the rivets or the buckle or the color, is carefully handled and made. I love watching this much attention to work.


The video shows a leather belt being made by John Neeman Tools.

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Eric the RC guy

My fiance, among her many talents, does some leatherworking. It is truly amazing to see a piece of raw leather get turned into a functional piece of art, even by an amateur leatherworker.

Meanwhile things that don't involve code confuse the hell out of me. I work in absolutes, in a world with rules and libraries, and creative expressions confuse the living hell out of me. That's why even though my education is in graphic design she is the one that tells me what to do and I'm the one that makes it look the way she says it should look.