This $1,000 Yoga Mat Made From Genuine NFL Football Leather Probably Smells Amazing

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The NFL doesn’t use those pebbled leather footballs just because it’s tradition. They’re also a lot easier to grip, helping both quarterbacks and receivers make spectacular plays. You probably won’t end up in any slo-mo highlight reels using this Baller Yoga leather mat, but you also won’t find yourself slipping all over the place when you get sweaty.

There’s another good reason to spend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on a leather yoga mat. (You didn’t think they’d be cheap did you?) This is 100 percent American born and raised leather we’re talking about, so of course it doesn’t come cheap. But every time you unroll it, instead of being met with the smell of the chemical brew required to make foam, you’ll get to inhale the intoxicating smell of real leather. If that doesn’t keep you dedicated to your morning workout, nothing will.


[Baller Yoga via Bless This Stuff]