Seeing these people do yoga on a cliff's edge didn't relax me at all

Yoga is supposed to bring peace and spiritual balance and relaxation so obviously it makes complete sense to do it on top of cliffs and on the edge of cliffs and on really thin but really tall rocks, right? The people doing this extreme yoga look completely at ease throughout this stunt but I totally got nervous and unbalanced the whole time.

The stunt ad spot was filmed for Trimr:

Asamprajnata - The highest state of super-consiousness. Completely detaching from external stimuli coming to a full realization of the self, where the mind is completely stilled and reality is experienced. A phase where there is direct realization of the consciousness power of one's self, with no limitation.

Designers and athletes have long existed at opposite ends of the form/function spectrum. Designers crave beauty. Athletes demand performance.


I guess it's the perfect ad for yoga then, it stresses you out enough that you need to do yoga. Or drugs.

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I'm jealous of their core, I bet their anxiety level is 0, zen level is over 9000.