Seiko Epson Designs Simple 3D Display for Cellphones

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Seiko Epson has designed a new glasses-free display that really has the potential to bring 3D-displays to cellphones and PMPs sooner rather than later. It's a bit similar to the old kid's classic lenticular images (you know: they come with a lined plastic face, and when you twist them you see a changing picture,) and in this case a complex array of convex lenses is combined with a high-res 3-inch LCD display. An object is photographed with up to eight cameras, a compound image is created, and when displayed each lens sends a slightly different view to your eyes. Because your eyes see different views of the object, just like in real life your brain reconstructs a 3D image. Sadly, the effect can't be captured in a single image of the screen, but you won't have long to wait: Seiko plans to commercialize the tech in a few years. [FarEastGizmos]


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Wow, I've already seen this type of technology years ago. Nice to see it might finally be coming to the market.