There are few things worse than being left hanging when you go to give someone a high five. But high fiving a creepy machine with a disembodied arm? That might be one of them.

That's the idea behind the Self High Five Machine, a piece of art by Deniz Ozuygur. The latex arm takes a loooooong time to wind up for that high five, and it doesn't seem to be all that forceful. But hey, it's better than pretending you were slicking back your hair or pointing at the clock. I guess.


If you want to check out the Self High Five Machine in person because you so miss the feeling of high fiving someone but are just so lonely, you can check it out in NYC at the Chashama 266 gallery on West 37th st between 7th and 8th aves. [Deniz Ozuygur via Nerd Approved]

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