When you're cooking, as long as the ingredients go well together, you can toss almost anything together and call it a meal. But when you're baking, there's a science to the ingredients, especially when it comes to proportions. Leveling off a measuring spoon ensures you're adding the exact amount of a given ingredient, and with these self-leveling Levoons, you'll never have to reach for a knife again.

Available in a four-piece set, the Levoons each feature a springy lever that scrapes off excess ingredients as it slides across the top of the spoons, ensuring the measured amount is exact. You don't have to mess another utensil, and they're almost as easy to clean as any other measuring spoon.

They also stack like most other measuring spoons so they won't take up excess space in a drawer. And while the plastic versions, available in one of eight different colors, are just $15 for a set, the stainless steel versions are slightly more expensive at $20 if you prefer something more classy for your kitchen. [Dreamfarm via The Gadgeteer]