Self-Watering Flower Pot Makes Irresponsibility Fun Again

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Perhaps you're tired of seeing plant after plant die while in you were supposed to be taking care of them. Designer of all things fancy, Eva Solo has come up with a flower pot that automatically waters whatever plant finds itself in your possession.

It's actually a very simple concept: a plain ceramic pot containing the plant is set atop a well of water, with the roots of the plant extended from the pot to the well via a set of nylon strings. Just as it would naturally, the plant's extended roots soak up water whenever is needed. The well holds enough water to last about a week, so you have just enough time to conveniently forget to water your plant without it dying on you (again). The pots come in two sizes, 5" or 4.5" and in four colors: chalk white, light terracotta, red terrracotta and dark grey. Plant peace of mind retails for around $35-$40.


Product Page [Eva Solo via Popgadget]