Senate Gives Telcos Free Pass On Warrantless Domestic Spying Program

Joel at BBG writes in five precise words what it means that the Senate has just granted retroactive immunity to telcos (AT&T, Verizon and others) for participating in the government's warrantless wiretapping program that spied on American citizens: "We Lost. The Telcos Won."


Worse, they even knocked down two proposed amendments that would have at least paid lip service to holding them responsible for their actions. Now we'll never know just how it deep went, how thoroughly they violated any number of things that just shouldn't be fucked with—rights, laws, etc. [NYT]

P.S. How'd our potential prezzes vote? Unsurprisingly, Obama voted against immunity, Hillary didn't vote (too busy crying) and McCain doesn't like anything with wires, so he okayed the spying.



@w00zzy: Woozzy, you are way out of line. He's not allowed to visit Al-Qaeda sights? So if I do a report on the Nazi's or KKK, am I a racist killer? Last time I checked, book burning and censorship was looked down upon in the US, and websites are just new media for the same thing. Wizardofpants has a right to go to any websites he/she wants (other then child or "snuff" porn), and we should protect that right. Anything else is censorship. Censorship, that's what happens in China. It's not supposed to happen here. And if it does in the name of safety, then we've gone too far. Fact is, life is risk.