A Senator Is Tweeting at Trump to Set Up National Security Meetings Because Everything Is Broken

Screenshot of a tweet from sitting US Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa trying to get the attention of the President of the United States, Donald Trump (Twitter)

Remember last month when we told you about how Senator Chuck Grassley was tweeting randomly, hoping that someone at the White House would see it? Well, it’s happening again. Because everything is weird and this is just how our fucked up government works now.

The whole ordeal starts with Chuck Grassley tweeting about something he saw on 60 Minutes last night about the H1B visa program:


Grassley then sent out a tweet (not threaded, mind you) that implored the president to look at his last tweet:

Grassley then offered to tell the president which one of his former staffers went to work for the Department of Homeland Security, which seems like the kind of thing that you maybe shouldn’t be tweeting publicly about but what the fuck do I know I’m just a blogger, not a sitting United States Senator:


Then Grassley tweeted what was probably the most depressingly funny tweet of the bunch. He said that if the president didn’t have time to speak with him directly, Trump should instruct Homeland Security Secretary Kelly to get in touch with Grassley:


Grassley finished off the whole mess with a nice little compliment of the president and what the kids who surf the web call a “subtweet” of President Obama.


Everything is broken and we’re all going to die because our leaders are idiots.

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