Send Free Messages to Other iPad and iPhone Owners With Ping!

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Don't want to reach for your phone to send a quick message to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad having pals? Use Ping!, a free messaging app which vaguely reminds me of the BlackBerry Messenger setup. Here's how it works:

There's an SMS function which works only with phones, but otherwise messages are simply pushed through on the iPad and iPod Touches. The only catch is that both you and your buddies need to have the app. Ping! is free $2.99 and available through iTunes now. [iTunes]


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It's not gonna work as well as blackberry messenger. For one, BBM is free. Two, BBM comes preloaded in blackberry while this one is not. Three, most Blackberry user would use their blackberry with data plan which is the main requirement for BBM to work continuously while all iPod Touch users and some iPad users will stuck in Wi-Fi-only model. When they have few user base, they will attract fewer customer which in turn will bore the hell out of its existing users until they start not to bother it at all. I'm 101% certain that it will self-destruct.