Send User Manual Your Burning Questions About Online Etiquette

Should you ever break up in a text? How do you navigate a holiday party without the help of your phone? Why is it better to never untag Facebook pics? User Manual has discussed a lot of matters of how to be online, but now it's time for a reboot: we want to answer your questions.


We're putting out the call for questions in matters related to internet etiquette. There is no problem too big or too small, too weird or too benign. Anything you've ever been scared to ask, we can handle it. Consider this a safe space. Is your issue embarrassing? Good. Is it gross? Fine! Is it something you don't feel comfortable asking anyone else? Even better.

We'll be answering your questions right here every Friday afternoon like a magical internet Dear Abby, although slightly more sassy than the newspaper advice queen. So send us your questions to You can also leave your questions in the comments below. We look forward to helping you get on the straight and narrow.

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