Sennheiser Takes a Crack at Beats With Beefy "Urbanite" Headphones

Storied headphone brand Sennheiser has spent the last few years trying to evolve its design to capitalize on the huge market created by the Beats By Dre juggernaut. The company's new Urbanite headphones are its most direct shot yet.

The new big plastic folding headphones definitely take a cue from Dre in their colors and prominent, circular earcup shape, but they also carry some classic Sennheiser design elements over too. The cloth coating on the headband gives the headphones a more refined and adult look than the shiny plastic options out there.


The Urbanites come in both on-ear and over-ear versions. I don't find them quite as comfortable as the handsome Momentums Sennheiser released a few years ago, but they're definitely well-designed to be durable and sturdy. The headphones have Sennheiser's typical balanced sound. Of course because they're Beats competitors, the audio leans a little towards the lower frequencies, but not in an over-powering way. The on-ear Urbanites cost $200, and the over-ear Urbanite XLs cost $250. They should be available soon.

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