Ah, Sentinel. The company’s line of “Re:Edit” toys based on the Iron Avenger are beautiful enough that even seeing one new one is a treat. Getting a look at 3 in action, even in various states of completeness? Yes please. These things look great!

Although we’ve seen two of them before, the War Machine and the prototype Hulkbuster, they’re looking mighty impressive. The 24cm tall Hulkbuster especially, now with the added feature of the ability to open up the chest and reveal a dainty little Iron Man head inside, and some electronics: not only does the chest, hands, knees and back light up, but an entire portion of the face, and even the Iron Man inside:

I almost don’t want them to paint it. It kind of looks amazing as it is in the prototype grey.

Next up is the War Machine, who we’ve already had a glimpse of in previous teaser images. I really love this chunky design for the character, it almost turns it from an armor suit into something Mecha-ish. Even with all the hilariously OTT enhanced armor and amounts of firepower packed into this suit, the damn thing can still salute:


I demand every War Machine toy comes with a saluting action.

But finally, something new. Well, as much as another Iron Man can be new, I guess, but behold: The Iron Patriot!


The red, white and blue version of the Iron Man armor donned by Norman Osborn translates rather wonderfully to a figure, but I absolutely love the “pout” in the mask. It’s much more pronounced than what you usually see in an Iron Man design, and it makes it look nice and angry. Like previous Re:Edits, the Iron Patriot will stand at around 7” tall, and aside from the usual light up sections, its lone accessory is the shield of Captain America.

Iron Patriot will have a limited run of 2000 that goes on sale at Wonder Festival 2015 in July, while War Machine is due for a wider release in June, and Hulkbuster will round out the trio later this year. No prices were revealed, but I’d expect the roughly $200 that previous Sentinel Iron Men have been.


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