September 9th Will Be Microsoft's Big Day, Too

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While a lot of us are excited for the next Apple event on September 9th, that's the same date Microsoft has slated for their "Say Goodbye to Laser" event which, LiveSide has revealed, will feature more than their new mouse. It will also include a new line of LifeCams with 5 times zoom, hi def recording and 8MP stills. Of course, with all that other Microsoft news going on, ars technica thinks it'll be the perfect time to unveil their new Zune products—and we're inclined to agree. So what do you think? Will Microsoft have the goods to pull your attention away from Apple? [LiveSide via ars technica]


Its not about whether or not the people reading Gizmodo are wowed or not by one product line or another, its about which company will earn the better position in media outlets. If its a Zune vs. iPod event, you can be news sources like the NY Times will lead off with an exciting Apple headline, and inevitably end up comparing the new Zune to the new iPod below the fold. From Public relations standpoint, Microsoft going up against Apple is going to be a giant fail, if only because media reporters love Apple and are at best skeptical of Microsoft.