Set Up Your Own Personal Storage Cloud With BitTorrent Sync

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One of BitTorrent's latest little tricks, a sorta-kinda-but-not-really cloud storage service, just grew up into a real app today. BitTorrent Sync and all of its shared folder goodness just launched into Alpha today, and you can go check it out for yourself.

Though not a cloud service, BitTorrent's Sync aims to provide you with some of the same functionality you might get from a Mega, or a Dropbox; specifically the shared, synced folders. With Sync, you can set up a network of your own computers (and other trusted boxes like your buddy's or your mom's) and create your own little cloud, with its documents spread across the network, moved around by the BitTorrent protocol you know so well.


Unlike traditional cloud storage services, you aren't actually getting any more storage out of the deal; you're just using the space on all the computers you put the client on. That means no unplanned downtime and no need to worry about anyone's security but your own. Sync can even work on a LAN with no Internet and no servers required. Just sync'd folder goodness. You can share one-way only, exclude certain documents, or set up limited time keys too. It's a pretty robust lil' setup.


While Sync existed behind invite-only doors before, as of today it's open to you and yours with no clearance necessary. So if you need a shared folder for the office, or want to keep a communal cyber-stash with your friends, or just want a synced folder that's not on sending stuff to live on some server far away, go and give it a shot. [BitTorrent Blog]