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SeXBox Gets Core Version, Plus Wiin Now Available

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Is the SeXbox 3600 too much SeXbox for you? Now there's a slightly cheaper version available in Japan that strangely mirrors the jump from the real Xbox 360 Premium to the Xbox 360 Core. Here's how we figure.


The 3600 comes with a roter (vibrator), lotion, and a costume. The Core comes with the roter, lotion, a condom, but no costume. You could technically get the job done without a costume, like you could without a hard drive, but it's not really pleasant, if you know what we mean. And a condom? That's like the memory card. Kinda unnecessary for the task at hand. If there were a SeXbox 3600 Elite—and there's no reason to think that there wouldn't be—we imagine that the beefier package would also have a doll.

Oh, and the Wiin Remote is also available. It's just a vibrator, which makes the "Wiin" sound in Japanese. [Akiba Blog via Kotaku]