Shaq Loves Android: Giant Basketball Star Is Also Giant Dork

Man-mountain Shaquille O'Neal is a famed Twitterer, but his love of gadgetry goes even deeper than that. A follower of Shaq's Twitter met him at a diner and exchanged a little gadget trash talk.

After seeing an update on THE REAL SHAQ Twitter that he was at a nearby diner, blogger Jesse Bearden hopped on over and met the big guy. Turns out Shaq is a real gadget guy (you think he's reading this right now? HEY SHAQ! HEY!), and he was eager to show off his T-Mobile G1 and poke a little fun at Jesse's WinMo phone.


Shaq seems like about the jolliest, nicest guy you could imagine. Check out his waiter's account of the action:

"He ordered like 20 dollars worth of food," the kid stammered out, obviously thrilled to be talking about it. "And he left me a 160 dollar tip. Then he asked for a Sprite and gave me forty bucks for it."

Who knew Shaq was into open-source? [via Crunchgear]

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