Is Google creeping onto Evernote's lawn? Probably not, but Google Keep is slowly adding one or two very handy features to encourage you to make it your simple note-taking app of choice. This week Mountain View engineers added the option to share notes with other people, and here's how it works.

The new feature appears as a share button when you view a note on the Web or in the Android app—it's a plus sign next to a user icon. Click or tap on this and you'll be invited to add someone via their name (if they appear in your Google Contacts) or their email address. Click or tap Save to confirm your choice.


The sharing is very seamless. The note will appear in your friend's Google Keep instantly. If they have the Android app installed, they'll see a notification to that effect; they'll also get an email informing them that someone's shared a note. There's no confirmation stage so presumably you can spam your friend's Google Keep pages, should you really want to.

On a shared note, everyone has editing privileges and everyone can add new members. You can easily remove yourself from notes that have been shared with you. Just tap the three vertical dots on any note to bring up the relevant menu. The same menu lets you make a copy of the note. If you created the note you also have the option to kick people off—tap the user icon button then the cross next to the relevant name.


Google has also added better sorting options for Keep in the latest update. Tap the search icon on the Android app or click inside the search box on the Web and you'll see the share icon again. Select it to show only those notes that are shared with other people. If you have a pile of colored notes to pick through then this feature is going to become more and more useful (you can also filter by note color or type).


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