Illustration for article titled Sharp Aquos DX2 Blu-ray TVs Improve Image Quality, Record Times in Japan

Sharp claims the new 7x mode in its 2nd-gen DX Series LCD TVs further extends built-in Blu-ray recording times, and that it has boosted the image quality for its 40-inch+ models.


The larger 40V-, 46V-, 52V-inch models are the ones equipped with an improved "High-Picture-Quality Master Engine." These are full-HD (1080p) models, while new 26-inch and 32-inch DX2 TVs have a resolution of 1366 by 768.

The DX2 range also has an "Image Select" mode that automatically adjusts the picture and sound to match your room's brightness, and the content you're watching.

Just a quick one really, as—apart from a September ship date for Japan-no pricing was announced, let alone U.S. availability. Sharp, Sony and Haier do have Blu-ray TVs on this side of the Pacific, though. [Sharp via Akihabara News]


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