Sharp Laptop Contest: We Have a Winner

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The winner by, technical knockout, is Roberto and his screen-challenged laptop known as the Frankenputer or Franken-PC. He won both the popular vote and the editorial vote for his Gizmodo-like DIY ingenuity. As reader Erzengel put it:

FrankenPC.. WOOT! the display is broken? no problem, im sure i can fix it with this very very old cellphone and my swiss army. Thats the way to face things, and not just complaining.. You deserve it.


The "it" in this case being a Sharp M4000 WideNote laptop that retails for around $1,800.

And now for Roberto's acceptance speech:

I appreciate this more than I can verbally express. . .I just really wanna thank you guys at gizmodo and sharp for giving me the oppurtunity to tell my story and participate in this great contest. You guys rule!

P.S. I guess those 3 hours a day I spend at work reading you articles finally paid off.

This image was lost some time after publication.

As for the runner-up, the ever so controversially popular Misstreated Missouri, well this is not the last you will see of her pretty pouty face on Gizmodo. Stay tuned.


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