Sharp QT-MPA10, MP3 Boombox

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Call us crazy, but doesn't Sharp's QT-MPA10 remind you of the boomboxes of the days of yore, ignoring the fact that its 2-Watt speakers couldn't possibly blare "California Love" loud enough? Even so, it does look pretty far out. Due out on June 16 for an undisclosed price, the QT-MPA10 and QT-MPA5, both lovingly called "Music Carry," combine an AM/FM radio with 1GB and 512MB of flash memory, respectively, for your digital music collection. Sharp appears to be marketing the digital music players as a sort or lifestyle decision, really emphasizing that you have the freedom to carry your tunes wherever you please, which no MP3 player has done before we suppose. It's a little on the heavy side as well, weighing in at about 4.6 pounds and is just over one foot in length. In this day an age, however, do you really want to carry all that around, for just 1GB of memory?

Product Information (in Japanese) [Sharp via Akihabara News]