Sharper Image to "Relaunch" at CES 2009

Illustration for article titled Sharper Image to "Relaunch" at CES 2009

As expected, The Sharper Image is going to relaunch as a virtual brand. Now we know that the launch will take place at CES 2009 with 20 new products.


This time around they appear to be focusing their efforts on devices like iPod-integrated audio systems as opposed to the crazy expensive massaging chairs and tiny microwaves we have come to expect from them over the years. However, the teaser site includes old products like the the iBeam—originally from 2006. So, based on that, I'm not getting my hopes up for anything new and exciting. Still, these products are expected to roll out to major retailers in 2009. [Sharper Image]



Does this mean they are going to open up stores again with massage chairs that I can go use during my lunch breaks???