Sharp's BD-HP1 Blu-ray player tries to grab our attention by boasting its ability to record high def programming onto recordable Blu-ray discs via an i.Link connection. Uh, wow I guess. Too bad you can only accomplish that Herculean feat by using a Sharp Aquos HDTV. Guess I'm screwed. The player also has a dubbing feature that lets you transfer other Sharp-recorded HD content onto Blu-ray discs. Damn, Sharp, do you want us to buy your own brand of toilet paper next?


Aside from its world's first~! i.Link recording feature, the BD-HP1 does nothing particularly special. I mean, it's not like it was impossible to record HD content before. (I should know: "Somehow," I watch HD rips of TV shows all the time. Off the record.) No idea how much it'll cost when it launches in Japan next month. And here I thought most people were moving to hard drive-based storage solutions.

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