Shazam! Cuts Loose in the First Official Photo of Zachary Levi in Costume

Shazam and Freddy enjoy a refreshing beverage in the long-awaited first look at Shazam!
Shazam and Freddy enjoy a refreshing beverage in the long-awaited first look at Shazam!
Photo: Steve Wilkie (Warner Bros via Entertainment Weekly)

Despite the fact that we’ve seen set pictures of it, Zachary Levi’s defense of it, and terrible-quality Instagram pictures, this is finally our first official look at Warner Bros.’ latest cinematic DC Comics superhero... and his love of cola, apparently.


Entertainment Weekly just dropped the first official still from David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, giving us our first proper glimpse of Levi as the titular character, the superheroic incarnation of a kid named Billy Batson (played by Angel Asher in the movie) summoned with a cry of, well, you guessed it, “Shazam!” Joining the hero in the picture is Jack Dylan as Freddy Freeman, one of Billy’s closest friends at the foster home where they grew up.

Shazam’s look is surprisingly faithful to his comic book aesthetic—not just in design, but its whole feel and color. It’s bright and bold in a way we’ve come to not expect of the DC movieverse costumes, and while the suit has some texture to it, it’s much plainer than most typical comic book movie designs, and more akin to the spandexed look of the traditional comic looks. It’s a bit weird it took this long to get a decent look at it, but as a costume, it’s actually pretty damn good. What do you think?

Shazam! is set to hit theaters April 5, 2019.

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The actual look of the costume is great, but that muscle suit underneath makes it look like a Halloween costume. Levi put on plenty of muscle for the role but those fake shoulders and arms look silly in this photo.

That said, the movie sounds like it’s going to have a lighter, more playful tone so it could work just fine.