Shinoda's Curvy 145" Display is 1mm Thick, Does 720p

Illustration for article titled Shinodas Curvy 145 Display is 1mm Thick, Does 720p

Last time we saw one of Shinoda's ever-growing 1mm-thick flexible displays, its squat figure and sorry 960x360 resolution weren't exactly blowing minds. But this version—essentially two of the prior models, stacked—does HD. Yes.


The underlying plasma tube (PTA) technology remains the same, and the new set is constructed from component panels identical to those in prior examples, but Shinoda has managed to stitch the panels into an almost seamless 3:2 display, reaching the crucial 720p vertical resolution threshold in a 2-meter-tall display that weighs an incredible 16 pounds.


Best of all, Shinoda is moving closer to production of such panels, announcing business alliances with WAIEISHII and Itochu, a do-it-all, GE-like Japanese megacorporation. So somebody might actually make this thing, someday. [Impress Watch]

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Brian Eastwood

Yeah guys quote us up the PPI..

Dpi for;

This 145" - 10.2

my 85" 1080p Projector - 25

My 30" Dell - 101

My really old nokia 19" -105

My 13" sony - 125

Ok the application varies and it would be good to have a high standard for each category, presentation and theater, PC, mobile console and phones..

People should know the bigger the 1080p TV they go for the actual less definition it is.

good quick ppi/dpi calc []