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125-Inch, 1-mm-Thick, 8-Pound Flexible Display Unveiled

Illustration for article titled 125-Inch, 1-mm-Thick, 8-Pound Flexible Display Unveiled

Shinoda Plasma, a large-screen display manufacturer in Japan, has just unveiled a flexible, 1mm-thick, 125-inch prototype display that can be used as either a curved or wrap-around screen. The resolution isn't all that impressive at 960x360, but it could be used for advertising where the viewer will be suitably far away. As they improve the tech, however, it could be seen in homes as either a really fancy info display or even a piece of digital art. It weighs a mere 8 pounds, which is a good ten times less than a normal plasma display, and could easily be installed in the home. That is, if it was reasonably priced, which this most definitely isn't. But you can definitely see the potential there. Stay tuned. [Pink Tentacle]


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10 times less? Hmm, let's see...

My Bravia weighs 69 pounds...

69 * 10 = 0 690

69 - 690 = -621

Wow... That is light!