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Short film Tempo forces a scientist to turn his velocity-warping gun into a weapon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Two researchers invent a powerful device that can speed up or slow down any object in its path, but they're determined not to see it turned into a weapon (no matter how many cows they accidentally blow up). But when a crew of gunmen invade their lab, one of the researchers must stop them with the only tool at his disposal: the tempo gun. Will the gun be able to save his research partner? And what are the consequences of weaponizing his own technology?

Directed by Seth Worley, Tempo was made by software makers Red Giant to show off their visual effects tools. Consequently, the short revolves mainly around the many ways Harp, our heroic scientist, uses the gun against the intruders. But the visuals are clever and fun, even if the film gets a bit silly right around the super speedy bees.


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