Show off your best costumes in the io9 Halloween Costume Show!

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Every year we celebrate Halloween on io9 by having a costume show on Flickr. Here you can see one of last year's costumes, a fine Thor vs. Ultimate Thor moment. Post your pictures in this year's io9 Halloween Costume Show!

Thor vs. Ultimate Thor via Lifeofreilly.

Here's how to participate. Post pictures of yourself in our io9 Halloween Costume Show Flickr group. No, you cannot enter pictures which do not contain you. Yes, you have to join Flickr to post - sorry for the inconvenience. (And no, we aren't being paid by Flickr - in fact, we paid them to set up the io9 account.) Every Friday we'll post a few of the coolest, weirdest, and awesomest of the costumes here on io9. You can post pictures of yourself in costumes from Halloween past, or give us a peek at what you're planning for this year.


If you want to see io9 Halloween Costume Shows of years gone by, here are 2009 and 2008. Before that, we were just nucleotides floating in a heated vat of enzymes.

So get on over to the 2010 costume show, and post those pictures!