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Get a Shriek Peek at Found-Footage Horror Movie Deadstream

The new film from Joseph and Vanessa Winter hits Shudder today, and io9 has an exclusive clip to share.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A man with a camera on his head, illuminated in night vision.
Image: Shudder

Desperate to recoup his internet fame, a disgraced livestreamer declares he’ll spend the night alone in a notoriously haunted house. But his stunt takes a turn when he realizes the ghost stories about the place are... real? Found-footage chiller Deadstream hits Shudder today (read our review here!) and io9 has an exclusive clip to share.

For context, not that you really need it to understand what’s going on, this scene happens early in the film, while Shawn (Joseph Winter, who also co-wrote, co-directed, and co-edited the film with his filmmaking partner and wife, Vanessa Winter) is taking his viewers on a house tour and generally setting the spooky scene.

Deadstream - “I’m Not an Exorcist!” Clip | A Shudder Original

Winter also composed the music for Deadstream—appropriate, since his character, Shawn, makes a big deal out of having composed special music for his livestream (he calls it “Shawn Carpenter’s Halloween”). Deadstream is the Winters’ feature debut—they’ll return to found-footage with a segment in the upcoming V/H/S/99, which hits Shudder October 20—and Melanie Stone co-stars alongside Joseph Winter, though that truly eerie fixer-upper also deserves to share top billing.


What happens next to ol’ Shawn? Deadstream is now streaming on Shudder if you dare to find out.

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