Sidekick ID Found in the Wild

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Which Sidekick-whoring, former Gizmodo editor landed himself a fancy, new sidekick a bit early? Rumor has it that this device may be the Sidekick ID, at least according to what we have seen in the past. Who knows, but a little birdie says that the review will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


For a refresher—the Sidekick ID is essentially a chopped-down version of the SK3. It will lack a lot of features, but also carries a very nice $100 price tag (after rebate and contract).



niceidiot's right about that. Sidekicks seem like very gimmicky kiddie phones, but have a very good interface and is one of the few phones a person with larger hands can properly, and most importantly, quickly, type messages. If this device was powerful enough to run a full blown OS, it would be a fantastic UMPC.