Sidekick Sync Pushes Email for $5/Month

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We're not huge fans of additional subscription costs, but if you have a Sidekick LX '09, then you can now pay for real time push email.


Available in the Download Catalog this afternoon, Sidekick Sync adds:

• real time push email
• attachment viewing
• configurable sync schedules.
• Exchange contact/calendar syncing

I guess the update is good for if you bought your Sidekick when you were just a college kid but then you got some big city internship and you feel kinda douhey because you're holding this teen bop handset that's incapable of pulling down your boss's sexual harassment as quickly as he sees fit and this guy competing for your promotion owns a BlackBerry but that feels so conformist and you never wanted to be conformist especially since your junior high art teacher said she saw something really special in you and you knew she said that to a lot of students but since you'd always felt special on your own but never told anyone and then she said you were special the whole scenario felt surprisingly genuine.

This afternoon, T-Mobile Sidekick LX '09 customers will find something new in the Download Catalog – the new Sidekick Sync application.

A highly-anticipated first for Sidekick, Sidekick Sync on the Sidekick LX '09 will support real time push email, attachment viewing, full sync capabilities, full read and respond functionality and configurable sync schedules. In addition to email, the application will sync with contacts from a corporate directory, along with full sync capabilities with an Exchange calendar and meeting/event reminders.

Sidekick Sync on the Sidekick LX '09 is available for $4.99/month. A Sidekick data plan is required to download the application.

Sidekick Sync was developed and built by Remoba, a leading developer of enterprise and consumer mobile applications, with full cooperation of Microsoft, Danger, and T-Mobile USA.



Ha - Nicely done, Mark.