Signeo SN-A800 Retro MP3 Player Reviewed (Verdict: Expensive)

The Signeo SN-A800 calculator-lookalike MP3 player may seem cool, if you're into the old school gadget motif. However, its high price tag ($170 and $250 for the 512MB and 1GB versions respectively) make this a bit too much to pay for a gimmicky player.


The SN-A800 supports MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV files, has an 11 hour battery life, and is actually a little thinner than the iPod Nano. There's an FM tuner and has text viewing capabilities. However, there's an uncommon USB connector port, too many buttons, and in our opinion, and ugly face. But if you'd rather spend $250 bones on one of these than an iPod Nano at four times the storage space, be our guest.

Signeo SN-A800 (1GB, black) [CNET via DAPReview]

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