Silly Animation Shows Off Some Crazy Weapons Used During the Middle Ages

From Sam O’Nella, here’s an amusing look at some of the weird, creative, and deeply sinister weapons used during the Medieval period, when castles and knights and dragons existed (oh wait): the six-story tall super giant Warwolf trebuchet, used to bludgeon castles to bits; Greek Fire flamethrowers that basically burned everyone and everything; and a terrible use of pigeons and sparrows and their nests to light an entire city on fire.

Man, it was gnarly back then. Language is a bit NSFW.

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“...the Byzantines who happened to inhabit Greece at the time...”

A big oversight here (around 2:00)—historically, there were no such thing as “Byzantines.” It was invented by medieval Western European historiographers to refer to the medieval Greeks separate from Ancient Greece or the Western Roman Empire (and sometimes seen as a derogatory term). As the “Byzantine Empire” was the Eastern Roman Empire, historically continuous with what we would consider as the “Roman Empire” of antiquity, they most commonly referred to themselves as either Greeks or Romans.

So, yes, it is not really a logical stretch to see why “medieval Greeks who spoke Greek” also “happened to inhabit Greece.”