Silverlight Cracks Up The Web

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Controversial Microsoft Silverlight Ad Campaign [theWPFblog]
Microsoft Silverlight [Product Page]

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Microsoft has lost its own way long ago, they have never been the pioneers in anything...they were the followers and will stay the followers forever, they had never had the mind of their own, this ads campaign reminds me of United Color of Benetton shocking campaigns, showing blood, nudity, real people and so on.

Some may say that Microsoft thought of a gaming console...hmm? Its not a console its a PC with limited features! How retarded and cheap is that? (I'm not defending Sony though, this suckers were trying to create Sony World for eternity already lol)

Their (Microsoft's) Company's and OS structure is similiar to letter V- a pyramid that is up side down, a buracratic organization, with a sh*t loads of employees, that has a tiny foundation/base to hold its operations on!

They will fall and I'll *golf clap* when it happens!