SimCity IRL: Be the Mayor Of Your Own Tiny 3D-Printed Metropolis

Automobile enthusiasts can collect die-cast cars, animal lovers can collect plush toys, but architecture fans can't really collect towering skyscrapers or sprawling art galleries. And that's what inspired Steve Fox, an architecture enthusiast himself, to create a collection of tiny noteworthy 3D-printed buildings that can be collected and assembled into a miniature metropolis.


The ittyblox, as they're called, are available for purchase through the Shapeways 3D-printing service, and range in price from $70 for a small slice of Chicago, to $20 for the Guggenheim museum, to just $12 for a small row of New York-style houses. There are even base plates available so you can build your own custom cities just like the video game SimCity, but minus the random natural disasters and monster attacks—if you so choose to spare your imaginary residents. [ittyblox]

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