Singing Disney Princess enthusiasts, your time is now! Tangled soundtrack released

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Finally a Disney Princess movie we can sing along with! Tangled the computer-animated retelling of Rapunzel, has released a handful of clips along with its catchy soundtrack. Take a listen to Donna Murphy kill it in "Mother Knows Best."

I've been raving about Donna Murphy's villainous role in Tangled for weeks. But now watch her for yourself in her first real clip and collection of truly vicious (in an awesome way) solos titled "Mother Knows Best." The entire movie soundtrack has been released on Amazon and itunes today, and yes that IS Zachary Levi of Chuck singing with Mandy Moore in the adorable duet, "I See the Light."


Tangled will be out in theaters November 24th.



Healing Incantation

I've Got A Dream

Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best Reprise (scary version!)

When Will My Life Begin

I See The Light