Siri Might Be Speaking Three New Languages by March

Illustration for article titled Siri Might Be Speaking Three New Languages by March

Per a report from Chinese tech blog DoNews, the Siri voice-assistant may be speaking the three new languages—Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian—by March. The website cites an unnamed Apple engineer working on the Mandarin version, which is reportedly already in testing.


Siri currently supports three English accents, as well as French, and German. There's no word yet on when the Cantonese or Taiwanese dialects could be added, or the Korean, Italian, Spanish languages promised on the Siri FAQ. Or the Scottish accent that it so desperately needs. [DoNews via MacRumors via Slashgear]


Benny Gesserit

Given how difficult it's been for Siri to "get" Scots English, Mandarin? Seriously?

Doesn't Mandarin have a word we'd write out as "ma" in English having something like 7 or 8 meanings due to varying verb inflection and tone?