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Siri Was Going to be a Droid Feature, Until Apple Stole It Away

Illustration for article titled Siri Was Going to be a Droid Feature, Until Apple Stole It Away

Way back in the mists of 2009, before Siri was even a twinkle in Apple's eye, Verizon was planning to add the app to all of its Android smartphones. Sadly for the carrier, that didn't last.


Siri was destined to be a crowning glory of its Android-toting handsets: the carrier had signed a contract with the start-up that developed it, spent thousands on producing advertisements, and generally pinned its hopes of future Droid success to the software. Then, following a brief conversation between Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus and Steve Jobs, Apple bought out the start-up and unceremoniously ruined Verizon's plans.

That story is told in some detail by the Huffington Post, in a long feature called Siri Rises. It traces the existence of the iOS app from its beginnings as a US Defense Department to the present day—and even takes a peek at what the future holds. On that point, though, it's not really clear what the future of Siri is, other than the software becoming incrementally more intelligent. Still, whatever happens, it looks like it will have a happier ending then Verizon's poor tale. [Huffington Post via Cult of Mac via Verge]

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It's not a massively advertised feature mostly because every handset maker is still stuck on ICS but Google Now eats Siri's lunch in a lot of ways. Apple really got in the way of functionality by weighting business and advertising results too high in Siri's hierarchy. Google Now just gives you Google results and automatically gives you the list of results beyond the one it reads off to you. Overall it's a much smoother implementation of the same thing but Google has done a piss poor job of pushing their handset makers to get to Jellybean so they can push it sufficiently.