The 2011 World Yo-Yo Championships wrapped up in Orlando, Florida last Saturday. Here are the winning performers from each of division—all with their own hardware and stunt styles—pulling off tricks you can't even fathom.

Division 1A: Marcus Koh

The player manipulates a long string (with a sleeping yo-yo at the end) to perform tricks.

Division 2A: Shinji Saito

Two yo-yos simultaneously.

Division 3A: Hank Freeman

The same idea as Div. 1A but with twice as many yo-yos.

Division 4A: Naoto Okada

The yo-yo is not attached, useful for playing catch with oneself.

Division 5A: Takeshi Matsuura

Yo-yo on one end of the string, a counterweight on the other. No fingers necessary.

Division AP (Artistic Performance): Takahiko Hasegawa

Freestyle yo-yo-ing. With props.