Size Isn't Everything: White iPhone 4 Has Modified Innards, Too

Illustration for article titled Size Isnt Everything: White iPhone 4 Has Modified Innards, Too

So the white iPhone 4 is a bit bigger in the trunk than its black-encased brother. No big deal, really, unless you're trying to swap cases between the two. Inside, however, we're learning there's even more to this peculiar story.

As discovered during one of the inevitable tear-downs that any popular electronic device receives in this day and age, we now know that—in addition to being .2 mm thicker—the white iPhone 4 also has a more deeply recessed camera lens and more pronounced (and visible) proximity sensor.


Speculation says these changes are probably related to light-leakage issues, although Apple has never really gone on the record to explain the delay or these changes. In any event, the secretive company appears to have ironed out whatever crazy things were happening to white iPhones, and they're available now, should you want one. It's going to be a while before they're replaced anyway. [MacOtakara via AppleInsider]

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