Skateboarders turn an airport into their own personal skatepark

Skaters are great at appropriating architecture as obstacles for amazing maneuvers. But usually you think of the the rails and ledges of urban areas or constructed ramps as their playground. In this video, Finland's Helsinki airport is the unlikely setting for some gnarly shredding.

Legendary pro skater and photographer Arto Saari was behind the session that brought a few of his skilled compatriots to various spots in the airport for filming. At first, you might think of an airport hanger as kind of a cliche "dramatic" setting, but then they go inside the airport to grind the baggage carousel, and back outside to skate a huge blast fence. It's awesome.


Of course, this was all done with permission, which detracts from the authenticity just a tad. But still, it's pretty amazing to see these guys go all out on some unique obstacles.

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Big McLargeHuge

What this needs is some OG Tony Hawk music.

There, that's better.