Skateboarding Down a Bobsled Track Looks Like Dangerous Fun

My favorite winter olympic sport is bobsledding. Not because I want to sit in a sled with three other guys and rocket down a track. They don't even get to look up. Mostly because I've also imagined how cool it would be to ride my skateboard down the track. Well at least one guy made my dream a reality.

Shot by Danny Strasser at the Altenberg bobsled track in Germany, the video is a real nail biter. I think we all know what happens if he falls. Fortunately, the skateboarder is outfitted with safety gear. Just because you're crazy, doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise caution. Gear saves!

The only way this could be cooler is if he ollied up onto one of the walls and did a sweet grind. [Danny Strasser via bt3a]


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Wow, that's amazing! One niggle though: Why does everyone replace the otherwise relevant sounds of the actual video with their favorite heavy metal/electric guitar/man singing song? I'd rather just listen to the natural sound in the video, or replace it with my own music on my computer by muting the video.