"Sky Pod" System Lets Commuters Ride In Personalized Pods

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Using NASA-designed software, Unimodal Systems has designed a solution to some of the major hassles in commuting. Their sky pods can take individuals or small groups straight to their destinations, with no stops and no other creepy passengers.

The pods hang from a magnetic line, and they use maglev technology to zip around the city. The pods all ride on the same lines, but they aren't linked together. Their individual routes are calculated using the complex software. When they reach their individual stops, they leave the line, and traffic in all of the other pods continues unhampered.

The company is optimistic about the technology. These pods can be individually mass manufactured in factories, making the whole operation pretty easy to set up in many locations. The current proposal has the system being built and tested at NASA's Ames Research Center in California, but the company is fine-tuning their business model to make the system feasible for more cities. Soon, your commute might transform from an awkward, cramped box filled with strangers into a personalized direct route.


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(Image: a mock-up of what the system would look like in Washington, from Unimodal Systems)