Skynet Wins After All: Terminator Genisys Is a Monster Hit in China!

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Terminator Genisys was a flop in the United States, making just $89 million here. But now Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the franchise has scored a monster opening day in China, which means it will probably wind up being considered a hit overall. And a sequel just got much more likely.

Genisys made $27.4 million on its first day, making it the fourth biggest U.S. film released in China. Over at Forbes, box office wizard Scott Mendelson provides some context:

The film was the first American release to debut in China since Jurassic World debuted back in June, as its release ended the mid-summer “blackout” or moratorium on American which allows local productions (like the $330m+ grossing Monster Hunt) to have their piece of the box office pie. But with an opening day this big, there aren’t many scenarios by which Terminator Genisys isn’t a huge hit in China. ...

This is a critically-dismissed would-be franchise-starter, one that bombed in America and didn’t do all that hot elsewhere either. Yet is poised to be potentially an outright smash hit in a particular territory outside of America to such a degree as to guarantee a sequel. It’s one thing for Pacific Rim to do $100m here, and $100m in China and thus get a sequel. But for a film to outright flop in America and yet potentially become one of the biggest American exports of all time in China, well, that’s a game changer too.


Are you ready for Terminator Exodys? (Followed, perhaps, by Terminator Levyticys and Terminator Deutyronymy?)

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