Skype for PSP Postponed

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We brought you the fantastic news that Skype would be coming to a PSP carrying pocket near you soon, but it seems the plans have been disrupted. Sony Japan has just released information detailing an indefinite delay, as they screwed up on the headsets that were required—Sony's microphone/speaker units failed to meet Skype certification standards. Don't be surprised when this announcement is replicated the world over. We aren't happy bunnies. Update: Kotaku's people are saying all is well for everyone else, it's only Japan that are having their Skype PSP service delayed-phew! (Sorry Japan.) [Kotaku]


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I believe only the new PSP will be able to use skype Am i right? I have an old one.. I talk to my daughter overseas every week around 5 hours trough skype.. I love this free program