SkyV Skylights Bring HD Virtual Nature Into Your Windowless World

Imagine being able to install a skylight into your gloomy, windowless office—even if it is located on the 10th floor of a 20 story building. One way to achieve this would be to install faux skylights with LED backlighting—but stationary images take away from the illusion. On the other hand, SkyV skylights utilize high definition LCD screens to accurately represent the great outdoors. According to the Sky Factory:

The system includes multi-channel graphics processors and specialized synchronization software for display of its terabytes of proprietary HD content. SkyV simulates a real skylight, presenting hours of visual content captured from beneath beautiful skies and trees world-wide.


No pricing details have been released, but I wouldn't expect a custom job like this one to come cheap. However, it is certainly better than flipping out on your walls with an axe. Plus, you get to keep your job—which would make it cheaper in the long run. SkyV skylights are expected to be available for purchase in Q1 of 2009. [SkyV]


I hope buyers realize it only looks proportional and realistic when standing in one exact location underneath. You know.. law of convergent lines and all that. Otherwise, hello MC Escher view.