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Slam - Microsoft's Mobile Social Networking For Smartphones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Designed by Microsoft's Photo and Imaging Experience team (PIX), Slam is an app that lets you "social network" on the go. Built for Windows Mobile, the concept of "slam" is a group of people that you exchange messages and photos with. Whenever there's a new message or photo for the group, the phone users will get a notification on their screen (some by data, some by SMS) that there's new content waiting for them.

Real-time Coordination: Out on a Friday night? No need to decide on a place and time to meet in advance, just send a message to your friends when you're ready to go and see where everybody is. Some people may be at a restaurant, others on the move, but everybody can send messages and coordinate immediately. Imagine coordinating a ski trip this way, too.

If you have a smartphone with MSN Virtual Earth, you can also see where people of your "Slam" are if they're also using a smartphone. A pretty neat way to keep track of and communicate with friends and family. You can download and try out the app if you have unlimited data. If you don't have unlimited data, you "can expect bills up to $600 / month or more."


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