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He out of Guns N' Roses must really like rhythm guitar games (or, just the cash he collects from them), fronting not only Guitar Hero but now his very own rip-off iPhone app.


It's a slightly-different version to the Arcade Rocker which has been on the App Store for a few months now, with three of Slash's solo songs available for you to play along to (By The Sword, Watch This and Doctor Alibi). A neat feature is that if you already have some of his songs on your iPhone (or iPod Touch), you can actually use those in-game as well.

It's not all just fun and songs though. This'll be big news for Slash fans, with the game also including news, tourdates and even blog posts from Slash's team. No word on whether he actually pens them himself—though after hearing about his autobiography from a few years' back, that could make the app a must-buy. Available for $2.99. [AppShopper via Recombu]


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