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Slayers Features Thomas Jane as a Vampire Hunter and We've Got the First Trailer

Co-starring Watchmen's Malin Akerman and Zombieland's Abigail Breslin, it opens October 21.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A girl and a man hold crossbows, presumably aimed at vampires.
Thomas Jane hunts vampires in Slayers, with help from a pro gamer played by Moonrise Kingdom’s Kara Hayward.
Image: The Avenue

Thomas Jane is hunting vampires. Honestly, that sentence alone is likely to get you interested in his new movie. But Slayers, which is in  theaters, on-demand, and on digital on October 21, goes beyond that. Jane’s vampire hunter needs to get into a very well-guarded vampire lair, so he uses a bunch of social media influencers to do just that. Let the TikTok terror commence!

Co-written and directed by K. Asher Levin, Slayers stars not only Jane but Watchman’s Malin Akerman, Zombieland’s Abigail Breslin, and many others. io9 has your exclusive first look at the new trailer. Check it out.

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SLAYERS Red Band Trailer

From that trailer, you certainly get what Levin and his co-writer Zack Imbrogno are going for here. How do you make a fun, gory, vampire movie but give it a modern spin? Well, poking fun at and, we’d imagine, sacrificing a group of social media influencers who call themselves “The Stream Team” fits the bill.


What you don’t quite get from the trailer is the meat of the story. Jane’s character is hunting vampires because they killed his daughter, and he’s tracked them to this remote, exclusive mansion where Akerman’s character lives. How do you gain entry into a billionaire’s mansion? With the promise of hundreds of millions of followers and billions of engagements on social media thanks to the Stream Team.

The premise has a lot of potential and that the filmmakers were able to get actors like Jane, Akerman, and Breslin for an independent horror comedy is also encouraging. But will Slayers become a cult horror comedy in the mold of Evil Dead 2 or What We Do in the Shadows? Audiences won’t have to wait long to find out. Here’s the poster too.


Again, Slayers is out in theaters, on-demand, and digital right in time for Halloween on October 21.

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Image: The Avenue

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